XRP Surges 22% as Address Activity Hits Record High


• Bitcoin (BTC) has remained mostly flat despite the recent stock market rally.
• XRP is experiencing record address activity and high levels of investor optimism.
• Litecoin (LTC) is up 6.5% due to increased on-chain transaction volume and whale activity.

Bitcoin’s Performance

Analytics firm Santiment says that Bitcoin (BTC) has mostly stayed flat amid the recent bounce in the stock market, while the S&P 500 has climbed to its highest level in about 10 months as the US government resolves the debt ceiling issue. Santiment suggests that BTC could soon follow suit saying “With crypto lagging behind equities, there could be some BTC catch-up time coming soon.”

XRP Network Activity

Santiment says that XRP is currently enjoying record address activity and high levels of crowd optimism, with prices jumping 22% in the past 19 days. The analytics platform predicts that XRP’s price should continue to behave uniquely for some time due to this increased network activity.

Litecoin On-Chain Volume

The analytics firm reports that Litecoin (LTC) has seen a surge in market value of 6.5%, which it attributes to a massive two-year high in on-chain transaction volume and a high level of whale activity since January. This increase comes as LTC’s halving event nears – now just over two months away.


Overall, Bitcoin remains relatively flat amid a stock market rally, while both XRP and Litecoin have seen significant increases due to their respective network activities and on-chain volumes respectively. Santiment expects further growth for all three crypto assets in the near future as they look to keep up with equity markets.