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Bitcoin Cash: A treasure hunt with BCH

Bitcoin Cash: A treasure hunt with BCH

During a recent Fox News TV show that aired last week, a special was sent to the net about a man who is participating in a digital treasure hunt in the form of QR codes inside which are enclosed hundreds of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Last September, a man calling himself the Bitcoin Man created 100 stickers each containing $100 in Bitcoin Cash and a $500 golden sticker.

These stickers were put up in the city centre of Bakersfield, California, and everyone who scanned the QR code got their BCH, which was made possible by a Crypto Cash feature to make QR codes into gift cards.

This event sparked the interest of the local media who bounced the news by opening a hunt for all 100 stickers scattered around the city, as if it were a crypto treasure hunt.

For this treasure hunt, 100 stickers were affixed

As if that wasn’t enough, the anonymous benefactor decided to repeat the event and this time the designated city was Fresno, also in California. For this treasure hunt, 100 stickers were affixed, each worth $100 in BCH, and this time the golden sticker contained $1000 in BCH, almost 4 Bitcoin Cash.

Already several people have scanned the QR codes for as many winners, once again attracting local media who have interviewed some of the winners, including Adam Fisher, who found the $1000 sticker and said he would use it to buy Christmas presents.

From what we learn on various social media outlets, this anonymous donor plans to donate a total of $40,000 through this form of promotion in several cities to spread the adoption of Bitcoin Cash.

So the next time you find a QR code on the street, it could be a big surprise.