Hosts The Alliance Crypto Conference in Timișoara Hosting “The Alliance” Crypto Conference In Timișoara

  •, Romania’s leading cryptocurrency and blockchain media platform, has announced it is hosting the “The Alliance” conference in Timișoara on September 21st, 2023.
  • “The Alliance” brings together creative thinkers, industry game changers, entrepreneurs, investors, and passionate blockchain fans to discuss the newest trends and opportunities in the crypto world.
  • “The Alliance” offers a fantastic chance for participants to connect, gain knowledge, discuss recent news, and work alongside some of the most prominent figures in the crypto space.

What Is The Alliance?

“The Alliance” is a must-attend crypto conference for community members looking to meet like-minded investors, share tips, and discover the hottest trends in the crypto market. The hosting of The Alliance conference is seen as a big achievement for as it aims to have an impact on the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology both in Europe and globally.

What Does It Offer?

Anticipating over 500 global attendees, this one-day event provides a great opportunity for participants to network with other crypto enthusiasts from all around the world. Attendees can learn about new developments in the field of cryptos as well as receive insights from experts in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Moreover, they can take advantage of bonuses such as 150% Welcome Bonus plus 100 Free Spins when making deposits at also offers 570% up to 12 BTC + 300 Free Spins for new players & 1 BTC in bonuses every day!

About is renowned as a top crypto media hub that delivers current details on cryptocurrencies’ evolving landscape. It houses a knowledgeable team that offers extensive insights into various aspects of cryptocurrencies including market movements, legislative changes etc., along with free online courses related to cryptos too! Furthermore it reviews various exchanges enabling investors to entrust their funds securely with reliable platforms by providing them necessary information through its research reports provided by its dedicated team members .

Why Should You Attend?

This unique event provides you with an opportunity to increase your knowledge about cryptocurrencies while connecting with like minded people from across the globe who are equally invested into this domain . Moreover , you’ll be able to benefit from valuable advice given by experts who have years of experience working within this environment . This is why attending ‘The Alliance’ will be an enriching experience that should not be missed out upon !


Crypto conferences like The Alliance are extremely beneficial for those interested or already working within this niche . It helps them stay updated about advancements made within this sector while networking with professionals from around the world . Therefore , being part of such events proves invaluable which is why if you’re looking forward to making it big within this domain then don’t miss out on attending The Alliance conference hosted by Crypto . ro !

Explore the Benefits of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

• Central banks around the world are exploring the possibility of issuing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as a digital version of their national currencies.
• The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has completed a pilot project called Project Icebreaker to explore cross-border and cross-currency transactions between retail CBDC systems.
• CBDCs are made and managed by a central bank, and they exist in digital form and are often based on a distributed ledger like a blockchain.

Exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies

Central banks around the world are exploring the possibility of issuing central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, as a digital version of their national currencies. The study on CBDC is centered on understanding the potential benefits and risks associated with this new form of digital currency.

About Project Icebreaker

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has finished a project called Project Icebreaker, which was a pilot for CBDC for retail use. The project was meant to see if cross-border and cross-currency transactions between experimental retail CBDC systems were technically possible and how well they might work in the future.

How do CBDCs Work?

CBDCs work like real money in that they can be used to pay for things, but they only exist in digital form and are often based on a distributed ledger like a blockchain. They are made and managed by a central bank, and they are usually kept in digital wallets that can be accessed through mobile devices or other digital platforms. When making purchases using CBDCs, users simply transfer the currency from their wallet to the recipient’s wallet just like with traditional currency. This could help people become less dependent on cash since it can be expensive to make and spread.

Goal Behind Project Icebreaker

Project Icebreaker’s goal was to find out how well a CBDC works for making payments across borders. It involved collaboration between four organizations including BIS Innovation Hub Nordic Center, Bank of Israel, Norges Bank, Sveriges Riksbank – who tested different ways to connect domestic systems when making cross-border payments such as splitting them into two domestic payments handled by foreign exchange providers who worked with different kinds of technology infrastructure setups..


Overall, this research is important because it gives us better insight into how well CBDCs may work in the future if implemented properly across borders, which could help promote economic growth while reducing costs associated with cash transactions. Furthermore, it provides us with better knowledge about all aspects pertaining to these new forms of digital currency so that governments can make informed decisions when considering them as options